Studio Recording:.

Although Hillgrove has arguably made a bigger name for itself with live recording, studio recording is where our roots come from. We have the tools and experience to help you create the album, or single you need! Hillgrove uses a top-shelf analog front end to capture every nuance of your music with clarity, depth and impact. Next, we import the audio into the digital realm (via high-end A/D converters), where virtually limitless possibilities exsist. Often times nothing more than mixing is done at this point, but we have the ability to take things a lot further. We can do anything from pitch-shifting, time manipulation, and sample accurate non-liner editing, to noise removal, sound replacement, and much, much more. The only limitation is our collective imagination!

Mobile Recording:.

Need to record a show? We got you covered! Hillgrove has a few different mobile recording rigs, allowing the right tools for the right job, at the best price. We have small rigs for small projects, big rigs for small projects, small rigs for big projects, and big rigs for big projects! Besides having different rigs, we have different package options available. We can do one show, or a whole run of shows. As with studio time, we get very busy doing live recording too. So contact us as early as possible if you might be interested in having Hillgrove come out to record your show.


We do mix most projects that are record here, as well as ones that were not. We also mix live shows. Have some audio? Need it mixed? Give us a call.


One more benefit of choosing Hillgrove Recording is our mastering services. Mastering is the final step in the recording process before you make your CDs, or upload your mp3. It is the point where effects such as EQ, compression and limiting may be used to affect the stereo mix of your material. This is done in order to give it a cohesive sound from song to song, to raise the overall volume, and to make it sound as good as possible on as many different sound systems as possible.

Most professional mastering facilities are designed and built from the ground up specifically for mastering. A trained, experienced engineer using such a facility is able to do amazing things with recordings. We usually encourage our clients to go to a professional mastering facility (if they have recorded their project with us, and can afford it). This is because we believe that the best way to make the recording sound more cohesive is to have an outside party master it, someone who was not involved with the original mixing, and has been doing nothing but mastering for many years. Still, sometimes the results aren't what you were hoping for, or you can't afford to spend an additional $500-$5,000 on your recording. For these reasons Hillgrove does offer mastering services, and much like everything else we do, the rates are very affordable.

Internet Audio:.

Need to get audio online? Whether you need to convert old audio files into MP3s or you want to stream your new album on your website, Hillgrove can help. We can also make your material (such as live shows) available for trade online in many different formats (such as SHN and FLAC).

Duplication & Merchandising:.

Hillgrove Recording has a large base of companies which we deal with on a regular basis. We make it our personal mission to know about any company that one of our clients deals with. This allows us to have a much larger knowledge of pricing, customer service, quality, and turn-around times, all of which is to benefit you. Also, a large number of these businesses are highly specialized and can do things you may never have thought or dreamed of. With the rapid advancement of technology, new options like multi-media CDs and DVDs are constantly becoming available. How about a good price on T-shirts, stickers, posters, or even customized condoms? Let Hillgrove help. Maybe you need someone to make your logo or paint your cover art? You're in luck, as we do graphic and Web design. Need 100 CDs tomorrow? We also offer in-house duplication for small runs.