Ryan Montbleau Band - Hillgrove has been working with Ryan and the band since 2003. The very first official Ryan Montbleau album, Stages, was also our first recording / mixing project for Ryan. Since then we have recorded hundreds of live shows, including the 2009 live solo-acoustic follow-up, Stages: Volume II. A number of these live shows have gone on to be mixed and mastered by us and released as official “Bleaulegs.” The band also recorded horns and backup vocals for their first two studio albums One Fine Color (2006) and Patience on Friday (2007) in the Hillgrove studio.

hi8us - Our relationship with hi8us began in 2003 when Hillgrove recorded and produced the band's first 6-song EP from start to finish. We also recorded a follow-up 3-song sampler in 2006. Roughly a year later we started pre-production for the band's first full-length album The Superficial Deep (2008), which was recorded and mixed at Hillgrove. We also recorded a few live shows for hi8us over the years, none of which have been officially released.

Nate Wilson Group - Since 2008, Hillgrove has multi-tracked a growing number of live performances for these psychedelic rockers. Select tracks have been mixed, mastered, and released for various promotional efforts, including a recent 5-song Live EP from 02.25.10 at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, MA. We were also hired to master the band's 3-song demo put out in 2008, preceeding the release of their debut album Unbound.

Peter Prince & Moon Boot Lover - Hillgrove has recorded and mixed a number of shows for Peter & MBL over the years. One particular recording that has received a lot of attention was a solo-acoustic set performed with Ryan Montbleau at Club Passim on 08.12.06.

Stanley Maxwell - Their first official album, Don't Wake The Baby (2008), was recorded and mixed by Hillgrove Recording. Although it was a studio album, most of it was actually recorded on location at a beautiful post and beam hall in Connecticut. One of the songs on that album entitled “Mousetrap” was selected as an award-winning track by the Independent Music Awards! Hillgrove also recorded, mixed, and mastered a single for the band called The Swamp (2004).

Assembly of Dust - We have recorded a number of live AOD shows over the years, dating back to 2005, none of which have ever been released in any form.

Jen Kearney & The Lost Onion - To date, we have recorded a handful of live shows for Jen and her band. One multi-track from the Lowell Summer Music Series on 09.01.06, which featured JKLO opening up for Los Lobos, was also mixed and mastered by Hillgrove. The finished product, though never officially released, wound up being used in varyious promotional capacities by the band.

Jesse Dee - Hillgrove has recorded a growing number of live performances from this soulful powerhouse over the past several years, including Jesse Dee's full-band CD release show back on 09.12.08, many of which have been shelved and never released. A popular solo set from Iron Horse Music Hall on 03.30.07 opening for the Ryan Montbleau Band, which we also mixed and mastered, is readily available for public consumption.

Parker House and Theory - Hillgrove recorded, mixed, and mastered a demo for these talented musicians back in 2005.

Fuzz - Hillgrove recorded, mixed, and mastered a live show for Fuzz. This cat can play a mean guitar!

One Hand Free - Hillgrove was hired to multi-track one of their live shows at The Stone Church back on 03.08.08.

Lance Hatch - Boston singer-songwriter Lance Hatch contracted Hillgrove Recording to record, mix, and master his debut album The J Sessions - Wishin' (2007).

Jeff Brady - We recorded, mixed, and mastered one of Jeff's live solo-acoustic performances back on 03.06.08.

Meet The Day - Hillgrove recorded, mixed, and mastered a live Boston-area show for this band... a solid bunch of musicians.

Optimo - We recorded, mixed, and mastered Optimo's debut, self-titled album.

Agatha's Memory - Another full-length studio album we recorded, mixed, and mastered. This was also the first project we tackled in the current Hillgrove Recording studio.

Virginia Rogers - Virginia, a very gifted classical harpist, came here to make an audition recording. She came back not too long after to record some very cool Klezmer music with a recorder player.

mScholar - We were hired to turn a corporate manual into an 8-CD audio book.