Dan Silvia has been actively involved with music for over twenty years. Starting out in the school marching band, then moving to rock and jazz bands, he has covered a large number of instruments and styles of music. He has many years of music theory and instrument training. Dan was introduced to the world of recording and production in 9th grade with an electronic music class, and working in the A/V department of his school. Shortly after he set up a small recording rig and began to hone his skills behind the board. He also spent some time as a concert organizer. He went on to attend the University of New Haven where he received a B.A. in Music and Sound Recording. After a few more years of playing music, Dan started up his own small home-based studio. And over the few years that followed, he built up that studio into the multifaceted Hillgrove Recording of today.


Hillgrove Recording was started with the idea of helping great local musicians to get heard.

At Hillgrove, we live and breath music. Music is our life, and if we're not listening to it, we're playing it. And if we're not playing it, then we're either recording, mixing or mastering it. We posess and continue to develop a profound understanding of what goes into making a great record, as well as what it takes to make that recording sound just as good. Our goal is to help as many musicians as possible get their foot in the door (or get all the way through it) much so that we do everything we possibly can to help a client. We don't believe in the type of 1-2-3 studios that have people book time, record some tunes, then see you later, all without ever hearing their client outside of the session. Frankly, we don't understand how so many studios can do this. In our opinion, in order to give an artist the individual treatment they deserve, one must go far beyond that type of situation. We try to make a point of hearing every client in their natural rehearsal environment, and at least once at a live show. In this way we are able to hear the artist as they normally hear themselves, and also hear their music as they would naturally present it. This process allows for a much smoother transition of the music to a recorded medium, not to mention a more personalized sound.

Hillgrove Recording is one of the most comprehensive yet personalized production services in the greater Boston area. Going the extra mile for our clients isn't merely something we'd like to do, but rather the only way we do things around here. And if you need more convincing than just the words written on this site, then please, by all means, ask any one of them yourself.

Dan Silvia
Owner / Engineer / Producer